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Cell Phone Video Contradicts Sacramento PD's Version Of Del Paso Shooting

*Warning: Video contains graphic content of a man being shot and killed. 

If you have trouble viewing the above video, click the YouTube icon to watch it enlarged. 


The family of a mentally-ill man who was shot to death by Sacramento Police officers last month has released video of the shooting. The family says the video contradicts what the Sacramento Police Department has told them about the incident.

The department has previously said officers shot Joseph Mann on July 11 in Del Paso Heights after he turned towards them with a knife raised.

But cell phone video clearly shows Mann was facing officers as they approached him and was not moving towards them when he was shot.

The "enhanced" slow-motion version below provides a view of where Mann was standing and where officers were two seconds before he was shot, though the view of the shooting is obstructed by the zoom of the "enhanced" video. The real-time version above shows the shooting and includes the audio of gunfire. Fourteen shots can be heard, though the family says 18 shots were fired and that Joseph Mann was struck 16 times.

John Burris is the Mann family's attorney. He says officers violated  the California Police Officers Standards and Training guidelines for dealing with a mentally-ill man.

"You don't shout at them, you don't charge them. You contain them, you assess and you try to bring in help," Burris says. "This even goes on for a few minutes. There was ample time to bring in the kind of professionals that could have calmed the situation down. The officers created a confrontation and then they shot their way out of it."

Mann's brother Robert says his brother "never hurt anyone" and he was shocked that officers killed his brother and is disappointed in how the police department has treated the family.

"In this day and age that we live in there's supposed to be more equality than anything. I'm so surprised that we haven't heard one good-faith thing from Sacramento -no support whatsoever."

Members of the community are also upset. At a meeting at Allen Chapel AME Church this morning, Orville Noel says the police department lied when it gave its account during a public meeting.

"He was clearly standing there when they shot him, not doing anything," Noel says."So, in a sense to me it looked like they just murdered the man."

Mann's family is suing the police department to force the release of any police video of the shooting and to force the release of the officers' names.

Sacramento Police released the names this afternoon. John C. Tennis and Officer Randy R. Lozoya were the officers involved in the shooting. They have 26 years and 25 years experience respectively with the department.




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