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Roseville PD: Two Men Shooting Long Guns In A Creek Bed Cause Police Search And I-80 Closure


UPDATE 2:15 p.m.: Officers in Roseville discovered an automatic weapon with a sound-suppression device during a search for two men this morning.

UPDATE: 12:00 p.m.: Reports of shots fired in the Dry Creek area of Roseville led to a search for the men and the closure of westbound Interstate 80 this morning.

Rob Baquera is with the Rosevile Police Department. He says it received several calls at 4:45 a.m. for shots fired near the Maya archery range. When officers arrived, Baquera says they attempted to locate the suspects.

"The officers were in a heavily-wooded, heavily-brushed creek system and they witnessed muzzle fire and heard the shot of the weapon. They did not and could not  determine what direction the weapon was pointed or personally witness the direction of travel of the individual. For their own safety, they made the determination to back out of the scene and not further advance to the suspects."


Officers called for backup. As responding  officers arrived, they saw two young men in the creek system. The men took off when they saw officers.

Westbound I-80 was closed a little before 6 a.m. It was re-opened about two hours later.

The two men have not been found.

If caught, they could face charges. It is illegal to discharge a firearm within the Roseville city limits and you may not  shoot wildlife more than 30 minutes before sunrise. It is also illegal to own either an automatic weapon or a silencer.

Rocklin PD, Placer County Sheriff, and California Highway Patrol responded to the calls for backup.


UPDATE 8:45 a.m.: Traffic on Interstate 80 in Roseville is expected to start moving again after police activity brought all westbound lanes to a halt.

At about 6 a.m., the Placer County Sheriff's Department, Roseville Police Department and the California Highway Patrol officers began searching the area between Eureka Road and Rocklin Road. Law enforcement officers are still searching for at least two white male suspects seen with long guns.

Authorities have reopened all but one of the lanes on westbound I-80. The search for the suspects is ongoing.

Southbound Highway 65 has also reopened.

ORIGINAL POST: Traffic on westbound Interstate 80 is being diverted in Roseville Wednesday morning.

Placer County Sheriffs, Roseville Police and California Highway Patrol officers are searching the area around Atlantic Street for two white males with long guns.

Reports of shots fired and shell casings caused law enforcement to bring traffic to a standstill on Interstate 80 and Highway 65. 

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