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Councilman Proposes Pot Tax To Fund Kids Programs

california doj

california doj

This June, voters in the City of Sacramento may be asked to support a 5 percent tax on medical marijuana cultivation, with the money going to youth programs. 

City Councilman Jay Schenirer is proposing the tax. He says the city could collect $5 million dollars from it. Currently, the city spends $4 million per year on youth services.

"Right now, what we do is not only insufficient," says Schenirer, "but, we don't have a quality framework around the services that we provide and we don't have metrics to see if we are successful or not."

Schenirer will put the tax before the city council for a vote next Tuesday.

At this week's meeting, Councilman Jeff Harris said he has concerns.

"Council members could take this as an example and then try to grab and lock up a bunch of money for a specific purpose that they feel very dedicated to and that's not really the process how I see this body as working."

Angelique Ashby and Larry Carr also expressed reservations.

Schenirer will also ask the council to create a city Department of Youth. It would organize education, job training and assistance by community groups for foster kids, homeless children, emancipated youth, and children in at-risk neighborhoods.

Because the tax is for a specific use, the measure would require a two-thirds vote in June.

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