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Jail Overcrowding, Crime Among Key Issues In Race For San Joaquin County's Sheriff

Pat Withrow (left), Steve Moore (right)


Jail overcrowding, crime, and more deputies on the street -- those are some of the issues in the San Joaquin County Sheriff's race. The two candidates are offering different solutions.

The focal point for the San Joaquin County Sheriff''s Office is jail overcrowding.

Steve Moore is the incumbent and running for his third term. He says he is creating a plan that would add beds both at the main jail and the honor farm.

"We're looking at double bunking our main facility and we believe we can gain about 200 plus usable beds which will give us a little more relief," says Moore. "The board approved $384,000 for us to put additional fencing at the honor farm thereby being able to utilize additional beds that are currently vacant."

San Joaquin County Deputy Sergeant Pat Withrow has been wearing a badge for 25 years. 

He's worked everything from jail custody to SWAT and now he is running against Moore.
Withrow says he would solve the problem of jail overcrowding with cheaper modular jail cells that would add more than 200 beds for inmates.

"We just don't need to build a big Taj Mahal like the sheriff wants to build, we need quick, inexpensive jail cells that we can have in a matter of months not in a matter of 5 years like the sheriff wants to do, we can't wait another 5 years," says Withrow.

Withrow has been endorsed by every police officers association in San Joaquin County and the San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorneys Association. 

Four of the five San Joaquin County Supervisors have endorsed Moore along with the current District Attorney.

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