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Gettin’ Moody With Devin: Getting Pumped Up

Album Art By Jim Flora / Flickr

Album Art By Jim Flora / Flickr

It’s the day of the Big Meeting. Or the Big Game. Or the Big Race. Or the Big Sandwich. Whatever it is, you need music to get yourself pumped up and ready to take it on. You think, “Jazz? Nah. I need something to get my blood flowing.” Try these. No, seriously, trust me.


Frank Vignola, “Eye of the Tiger,” Melody Magic

The question isn’t, “Should I include ‘Eye of the Tiger?’” It’s, “Which version of ‘Eye of the Tiger’ should I include?” This is a good one.


Mingus Big Band, “Haitian Fight Song,” Blues & Politics

Yeah, it starts with a bass solo. Doesn’t seem like much for getting your engine primed. Just wait. It’s a slow build.


Benny Goodman, “Sing, Sing, Sing,” any Benny Goodman Album

If this doesn’t get you ready to face the world, check your pulse. The audio is a bit scratchy, but it’s a must-see/listen from the 1937 film “Hollywood Hotel.” Gene Krupa’s drumming is key to the “getting-pumped-up” process.

Maynard Ferguson, “Birdland,” Carnival

The original version of this tune was done by Weather Report and is worth a listen, too. But you gotta love Ferguson’s high, screaming trumpet notes. My favorite part is around 1:55.


Lisa Hilton, “Over and Over Again,” The New York Sessions

Hilton has a great sense of flow and melody which, in this case, is dangerous. Be careful listening to this one in the car. You might get so amped up you start breaking traffic laws.

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