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Friday, October 6, 2017 Permalink

Place And Privilege

Vanessa S. Nelson / Capital Public Radio

Gracie Phillips at her home in the Oak Park neighborhood of Sacramento, Ca. Gracie is one of many residents dealing with Sacramento's rising rents.

Vanessa S. Nelson / Capital Public Radio

Capital Public Radio’s latest multimedia documentary project The View From Here: Place And Privilege explores the history, politics and economics of housing affordability in California's capital. We map the crisis through the personal stories of neighbors who are hit the hardest and living on the edge.  

Place and Privilege is an hour-long radio documentary, an eight-part podcast and an interactive website featuring exclusive web stories, community voices, photos, videos and graphics, which explore the data in compelling ways. The project also involves on-the-ground community engagement activities that bring diverse residents together to share stories, listen to one another and problem solve.


  • Vanessa S. Nelson / Capital Public Radio

    Rent Overburdened

    Amy Quinton

    Renters in the "missing middle" — people with median incomes — are being displaced from their homes or forced to live in substandard housing because of Sacramento’s lack of affordable housing.

  • Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

    Without This Housing, I’d Be Dead

    Pauline Bartolone

    Local hospitals are subsidizing rent and investing in housing to help reduce unnecessary ER visits, ensure better follow-up care and build community goodwill.

  • Lynda’s Choice

    Cosmo Garvin

    Housing Choice Vouchers are supposed to help low-income people live in neighborhoods with convenient transit, good schools and economic opportunities. In reality, voucher holders have few good choices.