Study: Calif. Workers Not Gaining From Recovery

CPR/Max Pringle
A California think tank’s Labor Day study shows most workers are being left out of the state’s economic recovery.

The California Budget Project’s study shows that California’s recovery continues to show some long-term employment patterns.

“Some of these trends have actually been going on for a while, especially wage stagnation for low- and mid-wage earners,” says LukeReidenbach with the California Budget Project, which authored the study.

Reidenbach says low-wage jobs have been outpacing middle class jobs for a while, and the Great Recession made it worse.

“Teachers, librarians, social workers and construction workers have continually seen employment declines during both the recession and during the recovery,” says Reidenbach.

The report says recent cuts in services to unemployed and low-income Californians are also contributing to income inequality.

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