Second Sacramento Area Brandathon Set For Today

Courtesy of the Sacramento Region Brandathon
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About 200 people are expected to show up at the Sleep Train Arena Monday for a brainstorm session called a brandathon. The goal is to create a graphic design to promote the Sacramento region.

If there's one thing that grates on the local business community, it's the way some people outside the region see Sacramento.

"They describe it in a way that may not be flattering: 'Yeah Sacramento, it's that place between Tahoe and San Francisco,'"says Christi Black-Davis with Edelman, a public relations agency. She's one of the organizers of Monday's brandathon, along with the Sacramento Metro Chamber.

The event is a follow-up to an earlier brandathon in November, which focused on slogans.

Finalists included: "Real Life Grows Here" and "No Off-Season."

Black-Davis says the next step is to create visual designs to go along with the slogans. She expects many of the people attending today will be illustrators and web designers.

"They will have a chance to put a mark or a graphic icon to the ones they like the best," says Black-Davis, "and we'll identify which ones out of all those are now the favorites."

A panel of judges will review the most popular slogans and graphic designs and come up with a final decision this summer.

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