Conservatives Look to Recall Calif. Dems Over Gun Bill Votes

CPR photo/Ben Adler
A group of California conservatives and gun rights advocates have announced an effort to recall several Democratic state lawmakers who voted for gun control bills this year.

They say the lawmakers who support gun control are ignoring facts, logic and the U.S. Supreme Court.

“If they are going to continue to propose dozens and dozens of bills to affect our Second Amendment, we are gonna use whatever means are legally available to us to fight back,” says Sam Paredes with Gun Owners of California.

Recall backers named five Democrats they’ll try to defeat, including Assembly Speaker John Pérez.  They said they could add more lawmakers as they refine their list in the coming weeks.

A Pérez spokesman says the speaker and his Assembly Democrats are proud of their support for what they call “common-sense gun safety legislation.”  Democrats also point to a Field Poll earlier this year showing that 60 percent of California voters support stronger gun control measures.

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