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AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia

August 6, 2020

‘Don’t Give Up’: Hiroshima Survivor Remembers Blast, Rescue

Setsuko Thurlow was 13 years old when the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. She survived. Seventy-five years later, she uses her experience to call for an end to nuclear warfare.

Scott Rodd / CapRadio

August 5, 2020

Scott Rodd

‘Restricted To Persons Of The Caucasian Race Forever’: Racist Language In California Property Records Could Finally Be Erased

The U.S. Supreme Court deemed racially restrictive covenants unconstitutional over 70 years ago. But the Jim Crow-era language survives in the property records of many houses in Sacramento and across California — often without owners realizing it.

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Tim Minchin Hauls A Piano Across Australia In 'Upright'

August 8, 2020

Singer, songwriter, and satirist Tim Minchin's new series opens with a bang: A frazzled man is driving an upright piano across the bare Australian landscape when he collides with a mouthy teenager.