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Andrew Nixon / CapRadio

October 28, 2020

Sarah Mizes-Tan

North Sacramento Voters Didn’t Turn Out in March. Will They Show Up In November?

The city of Sacramento’s District 2 historically has had low voter turn-out. Community organizations are working to change that this November.

Photo by Bryan Hainer


October 28, 2020

New Classical Tracks: EDM Mixes With Classical Music On Michael Torke's 'Being'

Composers can find inspiration in many places. This week on New Classical Tracks, composer Michael Torke talks about how his release, 'Being,' blends classical styling with EDM.

Bert Johnson / CapRadio

October 28, 2020

Bert Johnson

As Election Day Nears, Far Right Groups Surge In Nevada

Nevada has been a hub of right wing extremism for decades. During a troubled election year, experts fear political discord could lead to violence.

Photo by Morning Brew on Unsplash

October 27, 2020

Scott Rodd

Making Sense Of Measure C: A Voter’s Guide To The Rent Control Proposal In Sacramento

Supporters say renters are struggling more than ever during the pandemic-induced recession. Opponents say the measure would stifle housing production and create unnecessary bureaucracy.

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NPRMusic Features

The Raid That Changed Rap

October 29, 2020

When federal agents raided DJ Drama's studio in 2007 over his Gangsta Grillz empire, he became a martyr for mixtape culture. In many ways, it never recovered.