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Stories related to: real estate

Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press

More Competition For Low-Priced Foreclosures

February 2, 2017 | Steve Milne

More third-party buyers are stepping into the Sacramento area housing market. Those are investors who buy foreclosures to convert into rentals or resell at higher prices. Last year, 45 percent of foreclosure auction sales went to third-party buyers.

American Advisors Group / Flickr

Sacramento To Lead Nation In Home Price, Sales Gains

November 30, 2016 | Steve Milne

There's good news and bad news in a new housing forecast out Wednesday, depending on whether you already own a home in the Sacramento area or are trying to buy one.

Homeowners Staying Put, Market Stagnating

November 17, 2016 | Steve Milne

Sacramento's housing market has hit a logjam. Homeowners are staying in their homes longer to amass equity. That's shrinking the inventory of properties available for first-time home buyers .

Sacramento Area Home Prices Continue To Outpace Wages

September 29, 2016 | Steve Milne

This won't be news to people struggling to buy a home. But new data show housing affordability in the four-county Sacramento area is getting worse.

Report: Fewer Sacramento Homeowners Underwater

August 11, 2016 | Steve Milne

A new report finds fewer Sacramento area homeowners were underwater during the second-quarter, meaning they didn't owe more than their home was worth. Research firm ATTOM Data Solutions says 8 percent of homeowners were underwater.

Report: Home Prices Likely To Soften

August 8, 2016 | Steve Milne

Research firm Clear Capital says Sacramento area home prices have increased by 9.5 percent from a year ago. An analyst says prices will likely soften due to supply and demand - fewer first-time home buyers can afford to buy now.

Dan Moyle / Flickr

Report: Wages Not Keeping Up With Home Prices

June 23, 2016 | Steve Milne

A new report finds that home prices continue to outpace wage growth throughout the country - including the Sacramento region.

BasicGov / Flickr

Report: Foreclosure Activity Below Pre-Recession Levels

April 14, 2016 | Steve Milne

A new real estate report finds that California is among a dozen states where foreclosure activity is now below the pre-recession average.

danielmoyle / Flickr

RealtyTrac: Investors Flipping Fewer Sacramento Area Homes

March 3, 2016 | Steve Milne

New real estate numbers suggest investors are buying fewer Sacramento area properties to flip, or resell within a 12-month period. RealtyTrac says 6.8 percent of properties that sold last year were flips, an annual drop of nearly 13 percent.

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