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Contemporary rock, local bands, live recordings and artists heard on NPR

It's a Coup.  We know that. Where else on the dial does this list of music you're jamming to appear? Think about music radio. Do commercial entities spouting phrases like "Today's Best Hits" or "Classic Rooooooock" provide you with a thought-provoking mix or is it maybe just pablum, keeping you listening just long enough to hear the next advertisement?

DJ Curated Shows have become rare birds. And here we sit: Your own private archaeopteryx.  Al you have to do is feed it a little bit...once a year.


Alright folks. It's the magic hour. The time where a pair of do-gooder NPR lovin' public radio heads remind you where this blend comes from.  But you know that already. You're invested, so invest in Blue Dog Jam. Right Here.

Upcoming Shows

Today's Show

Sep 14  Blue Dog Jam - 426

DOOMBird play new songs live in our studio.

Recent Shows

Sep 07  Blue Dog Jam - 425

Nick yields the Blue Dog Jam Host Chair to Devin for the night. Pop goodness awaits.

Aug 24  Blue Cat Jam - 423

This one's for Savage Henry

Aug 17  Blue Dog Jam - 422

Nick returns in time for YACHT's "Party At the NSA" new NIN and Ty Segall

Aug 10  Blue Dog Jam - 421 (Devin sits in again, and still has the Twitter)

Turning up again like a bad penny--but a bad penny that plays cool music and has a hoppin' Twitter account. @CapRadioDevin

Aug 03  Blue Dog Jam - 420 (Devin sits in, this time with Twitter)

Devin is sitting in, but this time she has a Twitter account! New forms of interaction abound. She's no @CapRadioNick, but you can follow her @CapRadioDevin.

Jul 27  Blue Dog Jam - 419

From the Nation to your Neighborhood, Blue Dog Jam is holding it down for the Cool Kids tonight

Jul 20  Blue Dog Jam - 418

Did you know, grammatically, it is ALSO acceptable to say "octopuses?" It's true.

Jul 13  Blue Dog Jam - 417

Where we somehow mix Tera Melos with Slim Whitman. PLUS: The Spirits of In-Studio Performers Past!

Jul 06  Blue Dog Jam - 416

In Summary, Let's get Summer-y
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