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Mar 01  Blue Dog Jam - LAMES IT UP


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Feb 22  Blue Dog Jam - A Long Drive Inside A Car

An a hun'erd miles is a long drive inside a car, 200 Miles is a long drive inside a car, 300 miles is a long drive inside a car, 400 miles is a long drive inside a car, 500 miles is a REAL LONG DRIVE IN A CAR... This is episode 449

Feb 15  Phaaaaaaan-to-gram!

This weekend a preview of Phantogram's new record, Sacramento's Family Photo and De La Soul give away the farm.

Feb 08  Live @7055 - PREGNANT

Daniel Trudeau, Daniel Ramirez and Molly "Daniel" Raney are in the studio for a performance and discussion on PREGNANT's upcoming UK tour.

Feb 01  Burst Forth!

The one where we preview our PREGNANCY while dancing entirely too much in the 3rd Act.

Jan 25  Super Serious, You Guys

New cuts by Mogwai, Dum Dum Girls, Beck. Locals Parie Wood and Johnny Gutenberger and Terry Malts reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously.

Jan 18  Devin Parachutes In!!

Nick is ailing, but never fear! Devin parachutes in with a backpack of pop goodness (or at least some stuff to make you appreciate Nick's taste in music). Tunes from Haim, Dave Nachmanoff, and whatever a cappella Devin can make an excuse to play.

Jan 11  Oh, Hiya!

Songs: Ohia's The Electric Magnolia Co. turns 10 and gets a reissue. CHK CHK CHK/Oh AH OH!/!!! is coming to town and we all get a big Nor'easter from Magic Bronson. This episode has come for your uncool niece...

Jan 04  Wig Out!

It's the 1st show of 2014! All my resolutions long broken, I've decided to play it straight this go 'round. Locals Th' Losin' Streaks, Sharon Jones, and the wonderful wordplay of Stephen Malkmus - all here!

Dec 28  Blue Dog Jam - 2013 in Review (Part 2)

The conclusion to the 2013 Retrospective ... or IS it?? Kinda. Find out.

Dec 21  Blue Dog Jam - 2013 in Review (Part 1)

It's (Part 1 of) the Obligatory Year in Review!
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