California Dream

A statewide collaboration between Capital Public Radio, KQED, KPCC, KPBS and CALmatters focused on key issues of economic opportunity, quality of life and the future of the “California Dream.”

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The California Dream project is a statewide non-profit media collaboration focused on issues of economic opportunity, quality-of-life, and the future of the California Dream. 

Over the next two years, the collaboration will be sharing stories about housing, education, jobs, the wealth gap and more as it presents reporting on radio and television, online and through special programming.

Partner organizations include CalMattersCapital Public RadioKPBSKPCC and KQED.

Share your California dream. On Twitter, use the hashtag #CADream.

David Gorn / CALmatters

Towing Away Your Home

August 29, 2018

For thousands of homeless people living in their cars across California, impoundment can be the tipping point into joblessness and a life on the streets.

David Gorn / CALmatters

Targeting The Turning Point Of Eviction

August 28, 2018

For many in California, eviction may be the first step toward homelessness. And keeping people off the streets and in their home could be as simple as having an eviction lawyer.

Prayitno / Flickr

Santa Monica Offers Cash To Seniors To Help With Rent

August 27, 2018

As senior homelessness spikes in some parts of the state amid a shortage of affordable housing, Santa Monica is trying out rental subsidies to help keep its seniors off the streets.

Signe Larsen / KPCC

Where Do People Get Money To Buy California Homes These Days? Often, From Mom And Dad

August 1, 2018

Federal data shows first-time buyers in California increasingly rely on family for help.

John Morgan / Flickr

Not Living In The Dorms? Good Luck Figuring Out What College Is Going To Cost

July 30, 2018

Inaccurate cost of attendance estimates can throw off students’ budgeting and their financial aid packages.

Robbie Short for CALmatters

Fleeing War-Torn Homes For Crippling Rents — How California Housing Costs Are Creating A Harsh Reality For Refugees

July 23, 2018

Seventy hours a week driving Uber, peeing in a bottle, and still late with the rent; refugee agencies rethink strategies in the “resistance state.”

Ben Bradford / Capital Public Radio

Is California’s Legacy Environmental Law Protecting The State’s Beauty Or Blocking Affordable Housing?

July 9, 2018 | Ben Bradford

Habitat for Humanity wants to build affordable housing in Redwood City, but a nearby resident is using the California Environmental Quality Act to stop the apartments.