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Kat Maudru will be hosting the program until Sept. 8, 2014, when Donna Apidone is scheduled to return.

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Latest Headlines

'99 Bottles Of Beer' Inspires Bigger Container To Hold Beer

The Texas brewery Austin Beerworks launched a 99-pack of beer this week. The case is seven-feet long and weighs 82 pounds. It costs $99.99.

Wrong Campus Photo Used For Student Material

Students at Washington State University received planners. But it turned out the photo used was of the University of Washington. On the bright side, at least there was no photo of Washington, D.C.

The Last Word In Business

Steve Inskeep and David Greene have the Last Word in business.

Business News

David Greene has business news.

'Life Of Crime' Has Authentic Elmore Leonard Snap

"Los Angeles Times" and "Morning Edition" film critic Ken Turan reviews "Life of Crime" — a comic caper about a kidnapping that goes awry starring Jennifer Aniston, Tim Robbins and John Hawke. It's based on a novel by Elmore Leonard.

Chicago's Gang Violence Limits Kids Mobility

Steve Inskeep talks to Steve Gates of Youth Advocate Programs, a lifelong resident of one of Chicago's most violent neighborhoods, about the changing nature and daily experience of violence in Chicago.

Michel Martin Recaps #BeyondFerguson

Steve Inskeep talks to Michel Martin about the community conversation covering race and law enforcement that was held Thursday night in Ferguson, Missouri. There was also a Twitter chat at #BeyondFerguson.

Washington Blames Russia For Violence In Ukraine

The Russian government continues to deny that Russian artillery units and soldiers are in Ukraine. That's despite satellite images released on Thursday that NATO says clearly show the Russian presence. For a sense of how this latest news is playing in Moscow, David Greene talks to Fyodor Lukyanov, editor of the magazine, "Russia In Global Affairs."

Retailers Entice Shoppers To Get Ready For New School Year

David Greene talks to branding expert Martin Lindstrom about the psychological tricks and ploys marketers and retailers use to entice shoppers into a back-to-school retail frenzy.

Case Could Jeopardize Washington State Recreational Pot Law

The lawsuit is over whether local governments have the right to ban pot businesses otherwise permitted under state law. The ruling could strike down the framework for regulating and selling pot there.

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