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LATEST SHOW | Friday, March 23, 2018

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

Insight: Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn / "New Way California" / Brothers Hike From Parkland To D.C. / Rent Romus

Sacramento Police Chief addresses questions about the shooting of Stephon Clark. Ben Bradford reports on the moderate GOP group "New Way California." Two brothers hike from Parkland to D.C. Rent Romus orbits around a "Rogue Star" of progressive jazz.


  • Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

    Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn Answers Questions About Shooting Of Stephon Clark

    Chris Remington

    Cody Drabble

    Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn answers questions about the shooting of 22-year-old Stephon Clark by police on Sunday.

  • Ben Bradford/Capital Public Radio

    Capitol Chat: Schwarzenegger, Kasich And Mayes Launch 'New Way California'

    Chris Remington

    CapRadio state government reporter Ben Bradford returns from a trip to the Los Angeles launch of "New Way California." Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Kasich and Chad Mayes are partnering to change the California GOP to appeal to moderate voters.

  • Photo courtesy of the Godby brothers

    Sacramento Brothers To March In D.C. After Thousand-Mile Hike From Parkland

    Chris Remington

    Isaiah Godby and his brother Jeremiah are walking from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to Washington D.C. in time to join a protest march for new federal gun policies.

  • Rent Romus Orbits Around "Rogue Star" Of Progressive Jazz

    Cody Drabble

    Composer and jazz saxophonist Rent Romus returns to insight with "Rogue Star," the latest album by his Life's Blood Ensemble.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Sacramento Police Department

Insight: Reactions To Shooting Of Stephon Clark / John Cleese Comes To Mondavi / Sound Advice: Hey Listen!

Council member Larry Carr, activist Barry Accius, and a family member share their reactions to the officer-involved shooting that killed Stephon Clark. John Cleese previews a live event at Mondavi. Sound Advice with Hey Listen! host Nick Brunner.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Carlos Chavarría for The California Sunday Magazine / Courtesy

Insight: 'The Last Days Of Jerry Brown' / Carmina Burana / Kushman By The Bottle

The California Sunday Magazine's Andy Kroll reports on "The Last Days of Jerry Brown" and the unfinished business of his governorship. Sac Ballet performs Carmina Burana. Wine expert Rick Kushman reports on the Vancouver International Wine Festival.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Rich Pedroncelli / AP

Insight: Toni Atkins / California's First Female Lawmakers / The Byron Colborn Big Band

Capitol Bureau Chief Ben Adler interviews incoming California Senate leader Toni Atkins. Steve and Suzie Swatt discuss the first generation of women elected to the Legislature a century ago. The Byron Colborn Big Band debuts a new album.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Jacquelyn Martin / AP

Insight: Political Junkie Ken Rudin / BBC World Service Look Ahead / "Crossing California"

Ken Rudin discusses the firing of Andrew McCabe at the FBI. BBC World Service looks ahead to the week in international news. Travel writer Sam McManis talks about "Crossing California."

Friday, March 16, 2018

American Library Association / Flickr

Insight: Capitol Chat Health Bills / Dr. Melba Beals / "The Arsonists"

Ben Adler and Sammy Caiola discuss health policy bills moving through the Legislature. Dr. Melba Beals discusses her life as one of the Little Rock Nine and former journalist. Capital Stage shares "The Arsonists" based on the Greek Tragedy "Electra."

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

Insight: National Walkout Day / Jazz Concerts To Watch For / The Pikeys

Reporters from Sacramento and Reno recap National Walkout Day. Jazz announcer Devan Kortan previews upcoming concerts for Sound Advice. Irish punk rockers The Pikeys perform live in studio.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Evan Vucci / Ap Photo

Insight: PolitiFact California On Trump's Visit / National Walkout Day / Pet Tales / Mino Yanci

A round-up of students and teachers and school administrators on the National Walkout Day protests. PolitiFact California follows up on President Trump's trip to San Diego. Pet Tales on raising chicks and chickens. Mino Yanci performs live in studio.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory / Courtesy

Insight: NASA's New Approach To Measuring Snowpack / UC Davis Doctors Launch Podcast / Author Sands Hall Shares Scientology Memoir

Ezra Romero reports on NASA using new technology to measure California snowpack in a drought. Two UC Davis Emergency Medicine doctors launch the "EM Pulse" podcast. Author Sands Hall shares a memoir on her "Decade Lost in Scientology."

Monday, March 12, 2018

Richard Drew / AP

Insight: Political Junkie Ken Rudin / BBC Look-Ahead / UN Official On Human Rights / 'No Depression Here' Book

Political Junkie Ken Rudin discusses a potential summit with North Korea. BBC World Service looks ahead to Gen. Mattis' trip to Bahrain. UN official discusses the backlash against human rights. "No Depression" author on 1930s history in Nevada City.