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Monday, Sept. 1: American RadioWorks: The Science Of Smart

Upcoming Shows

Dec 02  Insight: Political Junkie Looks West / Cyber Monday / "Seed of the Future"

Ken Rudin gives Californian politics a national perspective. Sac Business Journal reporter on how the local economy is faring during this holiday shopping season. And Dayton Duncan joins us to talk about his new book that tells the story of Yosemite.

Dec 03  Insight: Cold Weather Coming / Proposed Psychiatric Hospital / News Network / Gluten-Free Baking

A cold weather front is expected to move through the area in the next few days. Plans for a new facility to serve mentally ill is meeting resistance. Dan Morain on his new position at the Sac Bee and tips for gluten-free baking this holiday season.

Dec 04  Insight: California International Marathon / Marcos Breton / Crocker Ball / Davis Arts Benefit

Blind runner competes in annual Folsom-to-downtown-Sacramento marathon which takes place this Sunday. Sacramento Bee columnist on CIM's economic impact on region. Two fundraisers this weekend celebrate local arts.

Today's Show

Nov 26  News Network: Davis / Utah's Place / Angel Hack / Sacramento Women's Chorus

Jeff Hudson joins us with the latest news from Davis including a somewhat-controversial subdivision. A permanent homeless shelter opens in Nevada County. Tech-minded people gather to compete in Sac and a community chorus performs holiday classics

Recent Shows

Nov 25  Insight: Political Junkie Comes to California / Relief for Rim Fire Ranchers / "Duck, Duck, Goose" / "The Nutcracker"

Ken Rudin talks filibuster reform and puts California politics in context with the national scene. We follow up on a benefit for ranchers affected by the Rim Fire. Hank Shaw talks about his latest cookbook and a preview of Sac Ballet's holiday show.

Nov 22  Insight: Capitol Chat / Sinking Central Valley / "Caught Up" / "Melt"

Ben Adler updates us on the latest federal unemployment numbers following the government shutdown. How subsisdence could impact flooding in the Central Valley. Plus, a new anthology from 916 INK and macaroni and cheese gets a new own cookbook.

Nov 21  Insight: Status of the Gray Wolf / The Fiddyment Family / Catriona McPherson / Sound Advice: Jazz

If the grey wolf is so rare why is the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service considering removing it from the endangered species' list? Who is the Fiddyment Family and how have they shaped Roseville? What to do with a bothersome number of corpse?

Nov 20  Insight: Theater Renovations / Solace Tree / Janet Evanovich / Pet Tales

Community Center Theatre is in need of renovations and the City of Sac is considering its options. Nevada non-profit helps young people cope with grief. Janet Evanovich brings latest Stephanie Plum novel to Sac and should you give pets as gifts?

Nov 19  Insight: STEM Symposium / News Network / ADHD Grows Up / Run to Feed the Hungry

Educators convene in Sacramento for science, tech, engineering and math teach-in. Reporters Ky Plakson and Tim Daly update us on stories from Tahoe and Stockton. Plus, new research into adult ADHD and a charitable Thanksgiving tradition turns 20.

Nov 18  Insight: Sacramento Traffic / Cars and Bikes / Remembering Chef Trotter / Controversy Over "Crazy Horse and Custer"

Whether on a daily commute or just passing through - by car or by bike - navigating Sacramento's roadways can be a frustrating and dangerous prospect. Then, local restaurants honor an American chef and respecting cultural difference in art.

Nov 15  Insight: Capitol Chat / Friendship Park / "From the Streets of Truckee" / The Doug Pauly Quintet

Katie Orr joins us with the latest allegations flying around California's Capitol this week and we'll hear about plans for a new Friendship Park from Loaves & Fishes' Sister Libby. We'll also hear live performances from two different musical genres.

Nov 14  Insight: Healthcare Enrollment / Col. Felix Rodriguez / "Che Guevara and the Dispossessed" / Sound Advice: Jeff Hudson

Numbers are up for enrollment into Covered California's health plan but there are still plenty of uninsured. Pauline Bartolone has the latest. Then, a new play at Sac State about Che Guevara and Jeff Hudson previews upcoming holiday concerts.

Nov 13  Insight: Impact of Climate Change on Storms / Kushman by the Bottle / "Shrek"

One of the strongest storms on record has devasted the Philippines, leading people to wonder whether climate change is having an impact on severe weather. Plus, Rick Kushman with food and wine pairings for Thanksgiving and "Shrek" takes the stage.

Nov 12  Insight: Help for the Philippines / "Soldaderas" / News Network / Under the Gum Tree

We'll talk with leaders in the Sacramento Filipino community about how you can help typhoon victims. Teatro Nagual performs play about female soldiers in both English and Spanish. Plus, this year's Sammies' winners and a local digital mag turns 2.
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