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Monday, Sept. 1: American RadioWorks: The Science Of Smart

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Oct 23  Insight: Yosemite Update / Parent Teacher Home Visits / Beer and Cheese / Adrian Bellue

We'll check in with a business in Groveland to see how the economy is doing now that the shutdown has ended. Sacramento program strengthens school-family relations. Charlie Bamforth makes a case for cheese and beer tastings. Guitarist plays in studio
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Oct 24  Insight: Sacramento Marijuana Laws / National Food Day / Farm to Fork / Sound Advice: BDJ

It may be legal, but growing weed in the region is still a well-kept secret. Bob Moffitt explains. Symposium puts focus on healthy and sustainable food for all. What's next for Farm to Fork in Sac. Nick Brunner with new music from ALAK and Failure.

Oct 25  Insight: Capitol Chat: State of Jefferson / "Until They Have Faces" / "Asian Tales of Terror" / "MacBeth"

Katie Orr updates us on efforts by some California counties to secede from the state. Auburn attorney writes book chronicling the lives of local homeless people. CATS offers up some unique ghost stories and Capital Stage takes on "MacBeth."

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Oct 22  Insight: News Network: Sparks Shooting / Enrollment Problems / "Birds of the Sierra Nevada" / "Falling in Love Backwards"

We'll hear the latest on a deadly school shooting in Sparks, Nevada. How is Covered California and Silver State Health Insurance working for consumers. New book focuses on birds in Sierra Nevada. Life coaches take different approach to relationship.

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Oct 21  Insight: BART Strike / Damaging to Unions? / OCD Treatment / "The Turn of the Screw"

What impact do strikes like the current BART effort have on public perception of unions and their power? New treatments for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Classic ghost story gets Sac stage treatment.

Oct 18  Insight: Pension Reform / Capitol Chat / Violinist Ji in Yang

A group of California mayors are proposing changes that would make it easier to alter workers' pension benefits. Capitol Bureau Chief Ben Adler with the latest news from California lawmakers. South Korean violinist performs this weekend in Auburn.

Oct 17  Insight: Federal Shutdown Over / Structural Problems in Congress / Kim Stanley Robinson / Sound Advice: Jazz

Matt Laslo joins us from D.C. to update us on Congressional deal to reopen the government. Kim Nalder takes a look at structural issues in Congress that may have led to the shutdown. Davis writer releases new novel. Devin Yamanaka with new music.

Oct 16  Insight: San Diego Mayor Update / Male Breast Cancer / Maggie McKaig / "Two in Tune"

Scott Lewis updates on the San Diego mayor case. The story of a local man who is also a breast cancer survivor. Nevada City musician performs her "Cumberland Suite." Grammy winning soprano Sylvia McNair performs Gershwin with the Sac Philharmonic.

Oct 15  Insight: Strong Mayor / News Network: SNR / Winter Gardens / SLV

Why a group of citizens is leading a new effort for a strong mayor in Sac. Nick Miller with news about Sac's efforts to stop people from feeding the homeless in parks. Seasonal veggies perfect for planting now. Latin singer performs at Sol Collective

Oct 14  Insight: Antarctic Research Freeze / New Bills / High-Speed Rail / Film Festival Winners

UC Davis geologist on how the government shutdown is affecting two well-known research projects. Ben Adler updates us on new laws signed by Gov. Brown and he gets the latest on California's high-speed rail project. Students make award-winning video.

Oct 10  Insight: Capitol Chat / "Breaking the Line" / Chris Horner / Sound Advice: Beach Boys

A look at the stack of bills on Governor Brown's desk in this week's Capitol Chat. A new book about segregated college football in the South in the 60's. Cycling Champion Chris Horner. Sound Advice features unreleased songs by the Beach Boys.

Oct 09  Insight: Initiative Reform / Office Politics / Kushman by the Bottle / "Tell Me on a Sunday"

We'll analyze three suggested initiative reforms from the PPIC with Kim Alexander. New book helps people play the office politics game. New research on wine tasting has some intersting results. Nanci Zoppi stars in New Helvetia Theatre production.

Oct 08  Insight: Law Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants / Concussions and Brain Injury / News Network / Sacramento Ballet

Sergio Garcia talks about new legislation allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain professional licenses. UC Davis pathologist featured in new doc about NFL and concussions. Gus Thomson with news from Auburn. Ron Cunningham previews new season.

Oct 07  Insight: Through Partisan Eyes / The Delta / California's Food Trends and Policies / "Eating Right in America"

Is it possible to cover and consider the federal shutdown through non-partisan eyes? Amy Quinton travels California to learn more about how the Delta provides for the state. Steve Boillard talks trends in food. Book explores America's dietary ideas.
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