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Friday, Aug. 22: BackStory With The American History Guys: Tapped Out: Thirsting For Fresh Water
Monday, Sept. 1: American RadioWorks: The Science Of Smart

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Jan 09  Insight: Gov. Jerry Brown's Formal Budget Release / Sound Advice

Today, we'll have the governor's budget remarks and analysis from Steve Boilard, Roger Niello and Chris Hoene. Ben Adler will add perspective to the speech. And Ken Teeters shares new releases on Sound Advice.

Jan 10  Insight: Flu Update / 50th Anniversary of the "War On Poverty" / Cap Chat / Operation Sierra Storm

Today, a specialist explains why this flu season is different. David Frisvold talks about the School Breakfast Program's role in the War on Poverty. Dan Walters discusses the governor's budget. And more on a weather conference in Taho
Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

Jan 13  Insight: Political Junkie Goes West / Current Water Levels / Salmon, Steelhead and Drought / Fruitvale Station

Political Junkie Ken Rudin has more on Gov. Jerry Brown's budget and Gov. Chris Christie's bridge scandal. We'll have the drought's impact on salmon and steelhead, plus a look back at our 2013 chat with Fruitvale Station director Ryan Coogler.

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Jan 08  Insight: Marcos Breton / Wild and Scenic Film Fest / Kushman by the Bottle / Andy McKee

Sacramento Bee Columnist Marcos Brenton talks about legal battles surrounding the downtown arena project. An environmental film fest in Nevada City kicks off Thursday. Rick Kushman speaks on the joys of winter wine tasting and Andy Mckee performs.

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Source: California Department of Water Resources

Jan 07  Insight: Drought / News Network / Monte Wolverton and Robert Armstrong / "Whale Wars"

Is Sacramento wasteful with its water and what does reduction mean? In News Network, drought evidence from Auburn and Woodland. Monte Wolverton and Robert Armstrong talk about their new exhibit. And a local PE teacher from "Whale Wars" is in studio.

Jan 06  Insight: The California Political Junkie / New Laws / Cap Radio Reads / "Call of the Wolf"

The Political Junkie Ken Rudin previews the year ahead. A look at new laws taking effect in California this January. Audio excerpts from Donna Apidone's interviews with great authors. The journey of gray wolf OR-7 adapted for the stage.

Dec 31  Insight: "Diary of a Bad Year" / Sirolli Institute / Nicolas' Garden / Sound Advice: Sean and Slim

Best of Insight 2013 continues with some of our favorite interviews: NPR Correspondent Kelly McEvers, aid worker and TED talk contributor Ernesto Sirolli, eight-year-old entrepreneur Nicolas Come, and opera host Sean Bianco's salute to Slim Whitman.

Dec 30  Insight: Eppie's Great Race / "The American Way of Poverty" / With Our Words / Bob Stanley / Chu-Fang Huang

Best of Insight 2013 - Part 1: Some of our favorite interviews from the year include Eppie's Great Race founder Eppie Johnson, author Sasha Abramsky, spoken word artist Genesis Barrow, former poet laureate Bob Stanley, and pianist Chu-Fang Huang.

Dec 19  Insight: Capitol Chat / "Rob on the Road" / Beer And Food Pairings / Sound Advice

Ben Adler has the top stories of the year from the capitol on Capitol Chat. KVIE host Rob Stewart previews the latest "Rob on the Road" episode. And how about a great beer with your holiday meal? Charlie Bamforth brings some beer and food pairings.
Till Westermayer / Wikimedia

Dec 17  Insight: News Network: Tahoe / "Exhibiting Patriotism" / The Cookie Project / Count Basie Orchestra

The Tahoe Basin is embracing bear proof trash cans and plastic bag bans; Teresa Bergman's new book "Exhibiting Patriotism." A growing movement of philanthropists who deliver cookies on Christmas Day. The legendary Count Basie Orchestra.
Source: brian glanz via Flickr

Dec 16  Insight: Political Junkie Goes West / Fungus Foray / Living Wild / "It's A Wonderful Life"

Ken Rudin has his final Political Junkie chat for the year and his thoughts about Congress’ budget deal. Nevada City hosts a wild mushroom expo and Alicia Funk shares cooking tips and recipes from her book “Living Wild."

Dec 13  Insight: Capitol Chat / "Selfish Prayer" / Winter Survival Guide

The survival and safe rescue of the Nevada family this week is a reminder about being smart in winter conditions. We’ll get advice from snow hiker Alex Wierbinski. And Ben Adler previews Calif. budget negotiations.

Dec 12  Insight: Buzz Oates / Navidades / Sound Advice

A memorial for Sacramento legend Buzz Oates and we’ll alk with his son Phil and his long-time friend Frank Ramos. Three Latino Arts organizations share a holiday celebration on K Street. Sound Advice: Alan Ray with five popular instrumental songs.
J. Steven Carrillo

Dec 11  Insight: City Council / Parie Wood / Kushman By The Bottle

We’ll debrief what the Sacramento City Council did – and didn’t do – with some critical agenda items including a controversial psychiatric hospital project. Then we'll talk the gift of wine with Rick Kushman and music by 18-year-old Parie Wood.
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