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Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Put Faith In Unorthodox Dating Service
Young ultra-Orthodox Jews are increasingly pursuing college degrees or joining the workforce. That's challenged matchmaking customs, and led to a new service that connects like-minded men and women.

Book Review: 'Kinder Than Solitude'
Ellah Allfrey reviews Kinder Than Solitude, by Yiyun Li.
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Justice's 'Peacemaker' Unit Focuses On Transgender Rights
A unit originally created to keep the peace during the civil rights movement is training law enforcement on how to be more sensitive to transgender witnesses and crime victims.

New Fossil Takes A Bite Out Of Theory That Sharks Barely Evolved
A 325 million-year-old fossil find shows that the gill structures of modern sharks are actually quite different from their ancient ancestors.
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Legal Moves Might Mean Fiscal Relief, And More PR Troubles, For GM
General Motors is signaling its plans to ask a bankruptcy judge for protection from lawsuits related to a defective switch recall. This could further complicate its current public relations crisis.

Iranian U.N. Ambassador's Past Makes Fodder For Diplomatic Dust-up
The U.S. has denied a visa to Hamid Aboutalebi, Iran's choice as ambassador to the United Nations. Bloomberg reporter Sangwon Yoon explains the diplomatic controversy and how it may play out.

When Parents Are The Ones Too Distracted By Devices
Parents often complain that smartphones keep their kids distracted from conversation. What happens when it's the other way around, when kids can't get their smartphone-glued parents' attention?
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From Cuba To LA Baseball Diamond, Yasiel Puig's Dangerous Odyssey
Yasiel Puig has been a star for the Los Angeles Dodgers, but equally remarkable was his perilous journey from Cuba to the major leagues. Jesse Katz told the story recently in Los Angeles Magazine.

South Korea Ferry Disaster Sets Rescuers, And Fears, In Motion
Hundreds are missing after a ferry sank Wednesday off South Korea's southern coast. Reporter Jason Strother in Seoul offers details on the latest developments.

Entering Talks In Geneva, U.S. Hopes For A Ukraine Breakthrough
Secretary of State John Kerry is set to meet Thursday with officials from Russia, Ukraine and the European Union. They will discuss the crisis in Ukraine. While the Obama administration has said it has overwhelming evidence that Moscow is stirring up the unrest in eastern Ukraine, it says it wants to wait before expanding sanctions. Analysts say Washington has few other options.

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