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Read Along with CapRadioREADS

Find the monthly book selection and read weekly updates, and make your comments -- at www.capradio.org/reads.

In addition to our online presence, we meet every month for book discussions.  Most of the meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month, at two times 2:00 pm and 6:00 p.m. and are held at Capital Public Radio Studios . We encourage you to join us for these discussions. Registration begins on the first Wednesday following each monthly meeting. Registration is free, but space is limited to 40 readers at each meeting time, so you must register each month to attend. Please sign up early to reserve your space.

We also host occasional events with featured authors.  The first series, “In Conversation", is hosted by Morning Edition host Donna Apidone gives you a chance to hear writers in a salon environment.  The dates and locations of these events are posted on this site.
Our newest event addition, "Authors On Stage" is a series of appearances by New York Times best-selling writers hosted by Allen Pierleoni, who orchestrated and hosted the Sacramento Bee Book Club for 16 years. He engages with authors in front of an audience at the Harper Alumni Center at Sac State 4 times per year.

Our book selections are carefully considered and varied in nature. Each monthly selection is announced at the end of the monthly meeting, followed by an announcement on the web on the following Wednesday.  You can purchase a copy or download the book directly through our website.

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CapRadio Reads is for everyone, anytime. We want your thoughts on the current selection and your ideas for further reading and book "happenings" around town. We invite you to join us for lively, interesting, and insightful conversations about books, authors and the world of words.


The CapRadioREADS Team includes:

BIO - Vicki Lorini

Born and raised in Palo Alto, Lorini started her career in books at an old fashioned carriage trade bookshop, Shirley Cobb's Bookstore, owned by Ty Cobb's daughter, Shirley. Vicki moved to Grass Valley in 1985, and she became the book buyer for Four Seasons Card and Books. 

When Borders Books opened in 1997, Vicki worked in all facets of the business and became the District Marketing Manager for the Sacramento and Reno regions until the chain closed in 2011.  In this capacity, she had the opportunity to work with many best-selling authors and their publishers and to be the face of Borders in the community. She worked alongside many local organizations, including the Sacramento Public Library Foundation (in support of its “Authors on the Move” event) and Capital Public Radio (for its “Annual Used Record & CD Sale").

While at Borders, Vicki had the idea for CapRadio Reads, although it took a few more years to grow to fruition.  After Borders’ closing, Lorini worked for one year at Barnes & Noble, and now is pleased to be back with friends and the world of books and authors as the Moderator for CapRadio Reads.

BIO - Donna Apidone

Donna Apidone comes from a short line of readers.  Her grandparents had little or no formal education and rarely picked up a book.  Her father was the first college grad in his family.  Donna and her cousins are, if anything, over-educated, and they all devour books.  In fact, it’s hard to believe Borders ever went out of business.

“As a kid, I was a slow reader,” Donna told us, “but that worked to my advantage.  I can hear the voice of the author in my head, and I can imagine conversations between characters.  I’m acting it out as I read, and it makes for a very rich experience.”

Donna started her radio career in her teens.  Since that time she has hosted shows on news and several music genres.  She has also worked as a trainer and motivational coach.

Although her home is lined with books of all types, her only first editions are John Steinbeck’s East of Eden and Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot.  Donna likes her e-reader but prefers the feel of a real book.

Donna teamed up with Vicki Lorini in 2013 as interviewer and curator for CapRadio Reads.


BIO - Allen Pierleoni

Allen Pierleoni orchestrated and hosted the Sacramento Bee Book Club for 16 years.