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September 2017 book selection


by Ann Patchett

September 6, 2017 | Vicki Lorini

It's almost here.  Make sure you have saved a spot at the table so you can participate in our discussion of Commonwealth, the latest novel by famed Southern writer Ann Patchett.  This book has everything you need to make a fantastic family centric novel.  We have infidelity, marriage, divorce, blended family and tragedy.  Interspersed with all this is a terrific story of a blended family, over a period of 50 years and many thousands of miles.  You will become close to many of the characters, and by the end will be sad to not have them in your life anymore.  Ann Patchett writes some of the best Book Club selections ever.  If you have time, pick up another one, as we may include some of her earlier works in our conversation.  Please join us, Tuesday, September 12 at either 2 or 6pm. See you there. 

August 30, 2017

If you have ever been in a book Club, you've probably read an Ann Patchett book. From her first book, Bel Canto, which is about to be an opera to The State of Wonder, Patchett's books lend themselves beautifully to the discussions and directions that happen in Book Clubs.  I am so happy to be able to introduce you to her latest novel, Commonwealth.  This book shows off all of Patchett's writing skills.  It is a good story, with the appropriate amount of both drama and humor, and most importantly, the multitude of excellent characterizations.  Please join us to discuss and appreciate this fantastic book.  We will meet at 2pm and 6pm on Tuesday, September 12 in our Community Room.  See you there.  

August 23, 2017 | Vicki Lorini

While reading our September selection, Commonwealth, by Ann Patchett I realized that it was getting difficult to tell fact from fiction.  I also saw that figuring out who to have Christmas with might be the least difficult part of divorced and blended families.  Patchett has really given us an incredible insight into what can happen during a 50 year period in the lives of two families related by marriage and divorce.  Shifting between California and Virginia, the story is of the children and parents of these two families.  Sometimes they are full of love and sometimes rancor.  We learn to know the players, especially the children.  One of Patchett's strengths is in her characters, and although there are many, they are all fully formed.  It's no surprise that Ann Patchett is one of the most beloved authors for Book Club selections.  I'm so glad to feature  this one.  Please join us for the discussion on Tuesday, September 12 at either 2pm or 6pm. 

August 16, 2017 | Vicki Lorini

We are so happy to let you know that we will be reading Ann Patchett's latest book, Commonwealth for our September CapRadio Reads meeting on September 12.  Patchett, a prolific writer, is also a bookstore owner in her home town of Nashville, Tennessee.  She says owning a bookstore has changed her as a reader.  Patchett used to be a reader of the classics, and now, as an owner and buyer, she reads mostly books that will be out in four or five months.  She says it has changed her as a writer, as well.  She sees what others are writing, and knows she doesn't have to write about those subjects.  This book, Commonwealth, could not have been written by anyone else.  It is, very much, the story of her life, and a very interesting life it has been.

Please join us to discuss this book on Tuesday, September 12 at one of our two Face to Face meetings.

August 8, 2017 | Vicki Lorini

CapRadio Reads will be reading the latest book by Ann Patchett in September.  Commonwealth is the latest in a long string of best sellers and Book Club selections by this well loved author.  Patchett is calling this her first autobiographical novel, and her most "personal novel to date". 

The book follows the post divorce, blended family of six children, for 50 years, and we will follow them, as well. 

Please join us for one of our two meetings on Tuesday, September 12, at either 2pm or 6pm.  See you there.