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My Culinary Journey (2)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 | Permalink

I had the opportunity to meet Georgeanne Brennan in 2007, when her book A Pig In Provence first came out.  Reading that book, and a stay in her charming 16th century home in a very small town in Provence made me a fan for life.  I am so happy to, once again, host Georgeanne for a book event.  This time, we at CapRadio Reads are honored to present the inaugural event for My Culinary Adventure: Foods and Fetes of Provence.  We will serve our usual lovely appetizers, some delicious wines and most important, a wonderful conversation with Georgeanne and our own Donna Apidone.  They will talk more about Georgeanne's time in Provence, her cooking and recipes and her family.  You will be able to smell the lavender in the air by the time this evening is over, so don't miss a minute of it.  Get your tickets now for an evening with Georgeanne Brennan, Tuesday, November 15 at 6 in the evening at Capital Public Radio.  I'll see you there.

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