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Tuesday, July 19, 2016 | Permalink

Our book choice for August is Julian Fellowes's new novel Belgravia.  The reviews coming in are liking it, but calling it "Downton Abbey Light". I think they are correct, and that's one of the reasons I have chosen it. 

This is Summertime, and although we may not be at the beach, I think a beach read is just what we need.  What is important to note is that light as it may be, this is a great fun book, and if you are reading it through the "app" you are getting all kinds of wonderful information about the life in the times of the book. 

I know, for instance, that many of you are worried about what you will do when invited to a grand country house for the weekend.  Do you bring one or two maids?  How many day dresses will you need? Fortunately, Fellowes has assembled a team to help you get through these difficult times. 

If you do have plans for a country house weekend, I hope you will be back in town by August 9 so that you can attend our Face to Face discussion of this very fun book.  Please sign up for the time you wish (2 pm or 6 pm) on the website.  We'll see you there.


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