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CapRadio Reads is a book club and online reading community, hosted by Capital Public Radio. Moderator Vicki Lorini and host Donna Apidone encourage you to participate in person or on the website.

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Pizza, Books, Fun People ...

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 | Permalink

... what a perfect combination. 
Do you have your tickets to the CapRadio Reads Pizza Extravaganza? This is one event you can't miss. Donna Apidone and Tony Gemignani will be talking pizza, ovens and Double Zero flour when we meet at 6pm, October 13th in the garden at Capital Public Radio.
Gemignani will share some of his secrets about pizza, and he should know. He is the 11-time winner of The World Pizza Contest and author of The Pizza Bible The CapRadio Reads selection for October. Tony is bringing samples of the pizzas featured in his book. We'll also have prizes for those in attendance and, of course, some delectable wines AND our special cookie.
How can you resist? Join us and eat up the fun.

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