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Writers' Conferences

Northern California and western Nevada live up to a rich legacy of books and literature. The region’s scenery has inspired writers for well over a century. It is no wonder that authors and authors-to-be come to the area for writer’s conferences and workshops. In keeping with the CapRadioReads mission, CapRadio Host Donna Apidone will interview some of the presenters at such conferences and share their thoughts.

October 31, 2014 

The two-day Write to Inspire Conference in October, 2014, attracted writers from around the region. Three of the presenters talked with Donna about their work, their presentations and what it means to them to be a “Christian writer.”

Bill Myers is an author, screenwriter, producer and recipient of the C.S. Lewis Honor Award. Most of his books are fiction, in which characters draw on their values to solve mysteries. He writes for adults, teens and children. Bill shows his stuff as a master storyteller as he and Donna Apidone discuss the role of faith in fiction, arguing with God and an adventure with singer Randy Travis.


Manuel Luz explores the convergence of art and faith in his book, “Imagine That: Discovering Your Unique Role as a Christian Artist.” He talks with Donna about how “broken” role models, like Jimi Hendrix and John Mayer, influence his music. He also answers questions about the intersection of science and religion and about banned books.


Steve Scott writes what he knows, and he knows Scripture. He talks with Donna about his role in introducing people to the work of Jesus and his work as a companion on that journey. He explores the style of writing included in the New Testament and reflects on his own style.


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