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September 2013 book selection


by John Williams

September 4, 2013 | Vicki Lorini

McEwan, a Booker Prize winner, said Stoner is a book that has risen from the dead. Because of McEwan and other notable British figures in the literary word, John Williams' work has been rediscovered.

Stoner is our September Read.  Our Face to Face meeting is on Wednesday, September 11 at 6:30pm. If there are any places left at the table for this conversation, be sure and sign up now.  The discussion will be lead by a guest moderator, Hellen Lee, while I am away.  She will lead you through this wonderful, short book in an entirely new way, and I'm sure the evening will be wonderful.  I'll be back next month to discuss our October selection, which Ms. Lee will announce at the September meeting. 

I hope you enjoy the evening. I'll see you all next month.

Cheers, and as always, thank you for reading.

August 29, 2013 | Vicki Lorini

In Stoner, by John Williams, we have seen our lead character fall in love, an out of it, many times.  I often thought, while reading the book, that it was more a story of the reactions of others to his love that this book was about.  He is a dutiful and dedicated man, but he is not perfect. He is so sad.and so disappointing to himself.

So what of the writing? What can we say about this book, that at times seems so plain?  Is the passion that Stoner feels made real by the author?  Is the book to grim or too bleak?  Does it offer enough of a glimpse into Stoner's head and heart?  How do you feel as you get close to the end?

All of this and more will be discussed on September 11th (it's a Weds this time) at 6:30 in our Community Room with Guest Moderator Hellen Lee.  Make your reservation, if you haven't already, by clicking the EventBrite button.

Wish I could be there.  As always, thanks for reading.

August 21, 2013 | Vicki Lorini

As we progress in our reading of Stoner, by John Williams, are you seeing a man eager to keep going, or one living such an ordinary life, no one would miss him if he goes? The writing seems to me to be much of a work of art.  There will be no skipping parts of this book to get to the end. The words are to be savored.  The book has been labeled "Realist Fiction".  How does it compare to the faster-paced writing of today? Do you feel bound by it, or happy to have the words swirl around in your head?

Let us know if you agree with reviewers from The Guardian to NPR that this book is really great literature.

As always, thanks for reading.

August 14, 2013 | Vicki Lorini

We are so fortunate to have a guest moderator, who will be leading the discussion of Stoner, by John Williams, at our Face to Face meeting in the Community Room at CapRadio Studios on Wednesday, September 11th at 6:30pm. Please sign up to join us as Hellen Lee, from the English Department at Sacramento State has graciously agreed to lead the conversation while I am away.  Hellen is well qualified, and will I'm sure be a welcome new voice for the meeting. 

The book, which is enjoying a Renaissance of sorts is a novel about a young man who leaves his farm in Missouri to become a literature professor at the start of the 20th century. The author, John Williams, won the National Book award for his book Augustus.  Stoner has been called "the perfect novel" because of the well told story and the beautiful writing.  I hope you enjoy it, and enjoy your guest moderator. I look forward to seeing you in October.

As always, thanks for reading.