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Meth In Candy Form Found In Amador County School

A Sacramento-area junior high school is warning parents and children to beware of something that looks like candy, but is actually methamphetamine.

Ione Junior High officials confiscated drugs that look like Smarties candy from a student on Monday.

The Amador County School District sent parents a letter that urges children to decline offers of candy from other students. The letter also encourages parents to go online to see how illegal drugs might be ordered and to note the appearance of those drugs.

At least one company offers gummi bears, hard candy, and cookies that contain T-H-C which is the drug in marijuana.

This is the letter from the district:

"During the lunch hour on Monday afternoon, what looked to be Smarty's Candy was confiscated from a student.  After conducting a methamphetamine test on the candy, it came back positive.  We here at Ione Junior High feel that it is imperative that we communicate with the parents and guardians of our students, in order to create a safe learning environment.  We wanted to communicate with you all the importance of educating yourselves and your students on what types of street drugs there are out there, and how to avoid coming in contact with them.  It was scary to see that these drugs are masked as candy, and could be passed off to any student as such.  It is worrisome that it can come in the forms of very popular types of snacks that we see sold daily, even the packaging can be similar.  Please take the time to sit down and speak with your students about the importance of not taking anything from anyone, even other students that may look like candy.  You may want to spend a little time online researching the different types of drugs that can be masked as candy and other popular snacks.  EdiPure is one brand online that sells these types of drugs as candy, and is easily accessible for purchase online.
Administration here at Ione Junior High will remain vigilant and work closely with local law enforcement agencies to do everything we can to keep our students and campus safe.
Thank you for your time regarding this issue.  Please feel free to contact Ione Junior High if you have any questions regarding this matter.  Thank you again."

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