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Government Goes To Schoolkids With Message Of Flood Protection

Crocker and Crocker / courtesy

Crocker and Crocker / courtesy

The City of West Sacramento has introduced a school program to encourage families to plan for floods and to purchase flood insurance.
A video game is part of the program. An animated notebook, flashlight, and a house holding an umbrella show kids how to prepare for a flood and how to react when it happens.
Madhavi Hooks is eight years old and a third-grader at Southport Elementary School, which is located between the Sacramento Deep Water Channel and the Sacramento River.
"I think it's pretty fun. It teaches me new things like what I should pack or prepare for a flood, a flashlight, socks, foods that won't get like banged up."
Greg Fabun is the city's flood protection manager.
"To be able to be thinking about that and to plan in advance, so they know what to do in case any emergency were to happen, I think that's extremely important," says Fabun.
Fabun would like to see more properties in the city insured.
The city says 2,380 properties of the 16,000 in the city have flood insurance.
This is "Flood Preparedness Week" in California. There are more than 60 education, prevention, and response events planned across the state.

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