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College Recruiters Talk Transfers With Displaced Heald Students

Bob Moffitt / Capital Public Radio

Bob Moffitt / Capital Public Radio

Three days after Heald College closed, thousands of students went back to campus today. They were there to pick up transcripts and to gather information to help them decide what to do next.

On Monday, Meiasha Bradley was sitting in a hot car in the Heald College parking lot in Rancho Cordova trying to figure out how and where she might continue her education. Two days later, she was allowed to go into the school to meet with representatives from about half-a-dozen for-profit, vocational and community colleges.

"Still doing the same thing as before, trying to get answers, trying to find schools that will take our units, there's some colleges that won't take the, some that would only take half," Bradley says.

Are there any that are taking all of them?

"Not yet,” she says.

National University says some Heald credits will transfer..

"The basic general ed, basic business, IT ,  accounting…those types of classes  will definitely transfer in," says National's Sheri Jernigan. "We do have a criminal justice program. We will be able to assist them in that program."

But, Jernigan says other credits, like those in the Medical Assistance program may only transfer as elective credits.    

Malcom Hawkins was in that program. He came to the campus to pick up his transcript, but did not stop by any of the recruiters' tables.

 "I don't know if I can trust no other private school like that ITT Tech or Heald or anything like that because they're getting closed down," Hawkins says, "and they're saying you really can't get a job after you graduate. So, I'm thinking about just going to a city college."

ITT Tech has been the subject of several federal investigations, but has not closed down.

Heald closed Sunday after the U.S. Department of Education fined it $30 million for falsifying graduation rates.

Kendra Kelly graduated from the Rancho Cordova campus two years ago.
"My job prospects didn’t really succeed, didn’t really get me any further in the medical field as they say it would have.  I felt it was a waste of time."

She says she may try a community college next.

Many students were upset with the school or the government. But, Danitra Henry says she's grateful

"Just the motivation, and the support, and the comfort, and just knowing I can do it. I got that at heald, I didn’t get that at junior colleges. But, at least I know now that I have that. I can take it anywhere and it doesn't matter what school I go to."

About 16,000 students at Heald College and other for-profit schools under the Corinthian College umbrella were told Sunday the schools had closed.

Students with last names starting with "A" thru "L" were allowed back on campus today.  Last names starting with "M" through "Z" will be allowed back tomorrow.

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