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Commuters See Shift In Traffic Lanes Around Kings Arena Site

UPDATED -- J Street and 5th Street around the Downtown Plaza each have the right-side lane closed to give trucks and equipment access to the project site.

Crews re-striped the lanes and included a new turn lane last night.

For some people, like Trevor Gipson,  the delay was minimal.

"I work in 621 Capitol Mall in the U.S. Bank Tower over there," Gipson says. "I haven't noticed anything really bad, yet. You know, a little more congested in the morning pulling into the garage, but nothing crazy at this point."

Three lanes remain open on J, but parking spaces there and on L Street are now reserved for construction vehicles.  

Most people said the changes to lanes and parking hadn't affected their commutes.  Kellie Kempf says her commute on mass transit had increased by ten minutes, but she expected it to return to normal.

"Once they re-route the buses, it'll be way better, just because other cars will be able to not have to deal with the buses trying to merge in," Kempf says. "Because they'll cone off certain areas and the buses have to go around and come back in, so that  cars don't really like buses."

For Wendelin Branch, the traffic isn't a problem, but the closing of part of the mall is.

"I'm trying to find the Post Office and don't know where to go," Branch says. "And it's like you used to be able to come in the front. They should make it easier for everybody to get in."

Crews will re-stripe L street by August 15th and move two bus stops to Capitol Mall the same day.

Concrete for one stop was poured today.

Yolobus authorities said the construction will affect some routes. The changes will be in effect starting Aug. 15. 

  • Bus stops on L Street between 10th and 5th Streets will no longer be available to buses on or after Aug. 15.
  •  9th Street, just south of L Street - The developer is extending the length of this bus stop in order to accommodate at least two buses at a time.  Four transit systems currently use this bus stop to board passengers, and Yolobus will be the fifth.
  • Capitol Mall, between 8th and 7th Streets - Yolobus is providing two bus shelters and some bus benches for this stop and RT and Yolobus will both be installing two real-time LED signs that will show you when (in minutes) your bus is due.  The new bus stop should be able to accommodate about four buses at one time.  The real-time signs may take a couple of months to be installed.
  • 5th Street, just north of Capitol Mall
  • This bus stop, including RT bus shelter, is being moved ½ block further south on 5th Street.  Yolobus vehicles will be able to use this stop for several inbound (to Sacramento) and outbound (to Yolo County) trips.
-Yolobus Staff
 0808 Yolobus Changes Map

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