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Sacramento Picks New District Attorney


Sacramento County District Attorney-Elect Anne Marie Schubert (right) stands with Jan Scully (left), who currently holds the office.


Voters have agreed that current Sacramento County District Attorney Jan Scully's hand-picked successor should be the next top prosecutor. 

Assistant D.A. Anne Marie Schubert had a lead from the second the polls closed and never relinquished it.  She says she's indebted to her current boss.

"I'm tremendously grateful to her to have the faith that she's put into me," Schubert says. "I'm comfortable in my abilities, but I just have tremendous faith because I have absolutely no doubt that at the end of all of this, Jan Scully wants to leave this office in the most capable and ethical hands."

Schubert had the backing of many current and former local sheriffs and police chiefs.

Assistant California Attorney General Maggie Krell says she hopes the issues she raised in her campaign won't be forgotten.

"We all need to come together and do a better job protecting teenagers from sex trafficking," Krell says. "I think no matter who the next district attorney is, we need to do a better job getting low-level offenders back on track and keeping people out of the cycle of violence."

Krell had the backing of some of the state's most powerful democrats including Governor Jerry Brown.

Former prosecutor Todd Leras finished a distant third in the race, but says he enjoyed the experience.

"It has been a valuable process," Leras says. "I've met some wonderful people along the way and I've got to talk about criminal justice policy and improving it in Sacramento County. I think I elevated the debate between all of the candidates.

Jan Scully is retiring after 20 years as the county's district attorney.

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