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Caltrans Officials Warn of Closures For U.S. Route 50



Parts of the freeway will be re-routed in May and some of the connections to the other freeways in Sacramento will be closed.

The eastbound side of Highway 50 will be closed May 2nd between Highway 99 and I-5. Crews will seal cracks in the concrete between 18th and 24th Streets and install a new four-inch slab of concrete on top of the existing roadway. The process will be repeated on the westbound side.

Rod Murphy is Caltrans Project manager.

"This structure has cracks in the deck which in some cases go through the entire bridge deck -not the whole structure, but the upper surface,” he says. “The other structures further on down towards Interstate 5 are not suffering that level of degradation."

Murphy says the repairs will extend the life of the roadway by 20 years and reduce maintenance costs.

Traffic will be limited to two lanes each way on the side not under construction. 

Project Website http://fix50.com/


Murphy says the timing of the project was determined by several factors.

"The contractor has a 30-day window for the bridge resurfacing,” he says. “It's an overlay. There's temperature and weather requirements and we have to avoid the State Fair, the Fourth of July holiday, and Memorial Day weekend."

Construction on the eastbound lanes is scheduled to end May 22 (Stage 1).  Work on the westbound lanes (Stage 2) will start May 28th and end June 17th.  Construction will halt for the Memorial Day weekend.

The elevated section of roadway was completed in 1968.


0416 Project Map Fix 50

List of detours for Stage 1


During work in the EASTBOUND direction (April 22 – May 21):

If traveling from Elk Grove/Laguna to Rancho Cordova/Folsom:
     Use Freeway-99 North to US-50 East
     Do not use I-5 North to US-50 East

If traveling from Davis to Downtown Sacramento:
     Use I-80 to I-5 North, to Richards Blvd or “J” Street off ramps
     Do not take I-80 to US-50 East

If traveling from Natomas/Davis to Rancho Cordova/Folsom:
     Use I-80 East to Watt Ave exit-South to Business-80 on-ramp to US-50 East.
     Do not use I-5 to US-50 East.

If traveling through the project area during Phase 2 (Closed connector ramps to Business-80 and Freeway-99):
Use Hornet Drive (Howe/Power Inn exit) to turn around onto US-50 West

During work in the WESTBOUND direction (May 27 – June 25):

Traveling from Rancho Cordova/Folsom to Downtown Sacramento:
     Use US-50 West to Business-80 North to “N” or “H” Street off-ramps
     Do not stay on US-50 West after Business-80 interchange

Traveling from Elk Grove/Galt to Downtown Sacramento:
     Use I-5 North to “J” Street off ramp
     Do not take Freeway-99 North to US-50 Westbound

Traveling from Rancho Cordova/Folsom to Natomas/Davis:
     Use US-50 West to Business-80 North to Watt Ave North, to I-80 West.
     Do not use US-50 West to Davis or US-50 West to I-5 North to Natomas.

If traveling on Business 80 West during Phase 2 (Closed connector ramp from Business-80 to US-50 West):
     Get on US 50-E and use Hornet Drive (Howe/Power Inn exit) to turn around onto US-50 West

*Motorists traveling to the Lake Tahoe area can avoid the project area congestion by taking I-80 E


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