City Says Eminent Domain Should Be Approved Against CalPERS For Blocking Arena Progress

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, January 02, 2014

The City has asked the City Council to approve the use of eminent domain in order to take control of half of the 600 block of K Street that CalPERS owns.

If the Council approves the implementation of eminent domain, Assistant City Manager John Dangberg says the City will ask a court to force CalPERS to turn over control of the property.

"If that is confirmed, the City will gain possession of the site. And in the subsequent months, the determination will be made as to what the fair compensation is. And, that will be a jury trial."

~John Dangberg

Dangberg says a court hearing would likely be held 60-to-75 days after the City files a motion.

The City Council will be asked to vote on the matter on Tuesday.

The City says the offer Cal PERS rejected in October was based on an independent appraisal.  Cal PERS says it is working on solutions that are "in the best interests of everyone involved.

View the City Council document on the topic here.

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