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New book explores rising poverty in suburbia. Being vigilant and planning ahead helps community stay healthy. We'll hear how the Sacramento Convention Center is faring and other stories making news in town. Johnny Taylor gets "Tangled Up in Plaid."
Suburban Poverty In a lot of cities, including Sacramento, San Francisco and Stockton, the number of people living in poverty is higher in the suburbsthan the inner cities. There are a lot of complicated reasons for that, not just that some of the poorer inner-city people have moved outward. Alan Berube is a senior fellow & deputy director at the Brookings Institution and he' co-authored a new book called "Confronting Suburban Poverty in America."
In the original interview, guest host Rick Kushman mistakenly identified the oganization sponsoring the event. Alan Berube spoke to the Sierra Health Foundation.
Cost of Being Unhealthy Being unhealthy isn’t just bad for your body, it can be a drain on the economy. One report found cardiovascular diseases like heart disease and congestive heart failure cost California more than a $1 billion in Medicaid treatments for a single year. The answer to the problem sounds basic enough, make society healthier. But as our guests explain, being healthy in modern society takes constant vigilance and a little planning. They'll explain what's at stake, not only for yourself, but for society as a whole. Jessica Núñez de Ybarra, MD, MPH, FACPM, is Chief of Coordinated Chronic Disease Prevention Section California Department of Public Health and Christine Lee, Pharm.D. is a doctor of pharmacy and author of "The Essentials of Asthma," "Essentials of Diabetes" and the forthcoming "Essentials of Hypertension."
News Network As Sacramento prepares to subsidize a new sports and entertainment complex at one end of the city’s famous downtown K Street, another heavily subsidized public work sits in question at the other end. A new report from watchdog group Eye on Sacramento found that the Sacramento Convention Center relies heavily on hotel taxes and has lost more than $200 million since 1999. But city officials contend the convention center is an economic driver. We'll talk about it with Raheem Hosseini of the Sacramento News & Review, who has recently written an article on the convention center’s fiscal standing. We’re also joined by Sacramento Press Editor Jared Goyette, who is the sole paid employee at his publication after recent downsizing. Goyette will discuss Sacramento Press’ struggle with unpaid citizen journalism.
Comedian Johnny Taylor Even though he still has a day job, comedian Johnny Taylor has been busy making a name for himself in the Sacramento comedy scene. This week he's recording his very first album "Tangled Up in Plaid" at Sacramento's Punch Line. We'll talk with him about his work, why he's producing a comedy album and what it's like to come to comedy a little late in life.