Insight: America's Role in Syria? / Farmers and Climate Change / Kushman by the Bottle / Music to Memorialize 9-11

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Sac area residents with ties to Syria offer their opinions on American intervention. New survey shows farmers fear government policy more than climate change. It's crunch time for area winemakers.
America's Role in Syria? Americans are waiting with high anxiety as President Obama and his cabinet try to convince congress to intervene in Syria’s civil war. Most Americans are coming out against American missile strikes against the Arab nation, but President Obama continues to make the case for war. To get a better handle on what people are saying about America's potential military intervention, we're talking with Sacramento area residents with ties to Syria, and who disagree on how the two countries should proceed.
Farmers and Climate Change Policy It turns out farmers may fear Uncle Sam more than Mother Nature. A new study from UC Davis has found Yolo County farmers feel more threatened by climate policy than they do by climate change. Farmers told UC Davis researchers that adapting to changing weather is a centuries-old, inherent part of farming. Government regulation, they say, has an immediate impact on farming. Joining us to explain more of what the survey of Northern California farmers gleaned is the lead author, UC Davis researcher Meredith Niles.
Kushman by the Bottle It's crunch time for winemakers who are finding many of their varietals ripening at the same time because of this year’s hot, dry weather. In this month's Kushman by the Bottle, our resident wine expert Rick Kushman explains how the wine harvest and crush are going in Northern California, and whether recent fires are going to affect the taste of some vineyards' wines.
Music to Memorialize 9-11 It's been 12 years since three commerical planes were hijacked by terrorists and crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. A fourth plane crashed in a field after its passengers fought back. There are many ways that people remember the day and the thousands of lives lost. American Composer John Adams was asked to create the music for the 9-11 memorial service and he asked his young son Samuel to help by speaking the names of each person being remembered. Twelve years later, Samuel Carl Adams is a composer himself and last year he came to the Mondavi Stage for his Northern California debut and we spoke with him about his role in his father's "Transmigration of Souls." We'll listen back to parts of that original interview and hear some other music written specifically to remember those that lost their lives.