Insight: Local Reps Views on Syria / Questions Congress Should Ask / Summer of Riesling / "Five Songs" Podcast

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Congressmen Garamendi and McClinktock talk about military action in Syria and what they're hearing. What should we know about Syria before military action is authorized? What makes riesling so versatile? Jack Gallagher and Tommy Dunbar team up.
Local Reps Views on Syria This past Saturday, President Barack Obama addressed the nation from the Rose Garden and made a case for a systemic strike on Syria to send a message to Syrian leader Bashar Assad who is suspected of using chemical weapons against his own people last month. He called on Congress to convene and debate the issue and asked that both houses put it to a vote. On Tuesday, the administration received support from House Speaker John Boehner and they continue to meet with key congressional leaders to drum up support for military action. We'll hear from Representatives John Garamendi and Tom McClintock about their thoughts on military action in Syria and what they're hearing from constituents.
From KPCC: Where do your members of Congress stand on Syria?
Syria: Questions Congress Should Ask What questions should members of Congress be asking the Administration in regards to a vote on Syria? We'll talk with Keith Watenpaugh, Professor of Modern Islam and Director of the Human Rights Initiative at UC Davis, about the possible consequences of a military strike might be and what people in the United States should know before it happens.
Summer of Riesling If you find yourself torn between a glass of Chardonay or Sauvignon blanc this month, you might try the other white wine: Riesling. Through the end of summer, Sacramento chefs and sommeliers are celebrating the "Summer of Riesling" in an effort to make wine more accessible. Most major cities celebrate the event all summer, but Sacramento is off to a late start when it comes to celebrating the complex German-rooted white variety. We'll talk with wine enthusiast Mathew Lewis and Enotria Chef Pajo Bruich about the food and wine that will be featured in the coming weeks.
"Five Songs" Podcast Nationally acclaimed comedian Jack Gallagher is launching a podcast next week called "Five Songs." He and long time musician/friend Tommy Dunbar are going to interview interesting people about five songs that meant something to them. It's about memories, not guitar riffs, and telling stories about those times.