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What's the fascination with Britian's royal baby? Young director of "Fruitvale Station" talks about how he came to make it. Updates on Detroit's bankruptcy and Sacramento's "report card." New musical hits the local stage and Shakespeare at the Lake.
Royal Baby Another baby was born yesterday, but this baby isn't like every other baby. It just happens to be third in line to the throne of Great Britian. We’re joined by Susan Skinner, a Sacramento woman who worked as an accredited member of the press with the Royal Family and has written three books about Princess Diana, to talk about the impact of the new royal baby and why everyone seems so fascinated by this little boy's birth.
Ryan Coogler "Fruitvale Station," a winner at the Sundance Film Festival, is a true story about a young man from the Bay Area who runs into trouble on his way home from Fresno on New Year’s Eve. The movie follows Oscar throughout the night until he ends up in a fight with an enemy and is removed from the train. In 2009, onlookers video-taped a cooperative Oscar being pushed faced down and then shot dead by police in Oakland. The movie introduces us to Oscar’s family and details the moments that led to up to the drawing of his very last breath. Writer and Director Ryan Coogler joins us today to talk about his experience making a film that revives the intense outrage evoked in the community four years ago.
News Network The Sacramento City Council is poised to forgive $7.5 million in loans to the Crocker Art Museum in exchange for the museum’s claims to two of downtown’s prime parking lots adjacent to where the new arena will be built. We’ll talk to Sacramento News & Review Reporter Raheem Hosseini about this. Plus, we’ll discuss how Stockton’s bankruptcy paved the way for Detroit’s bankruptcy proceedings with Nathan Bomey, business reporter for the Detroit Free Press.
"Sugar" Marilyn Monroe is coming to Sacramento! Well, not quite. But the famed actress is connected to the new musical "Sugar," opening tonight at Music Circus. "Sugar" is based the legendary Monroe film "Some Like it Hot." Executive producer Scott Klier and Director Glenn Casale join us in-studio today to talk about the production and why they decided to restage it this year.
Shakespeare at the Lake For 41 summers, the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival has produced classic plays in a sandy amphitheatre on the Nevada shore. The gorgeous waterside venue is a natural draw, but it also presents some unusual theatrical challenges. Capital Public Radio arts reviewer Jeff Hudson dropped in on the opening performance of the 2013 season and prepared an audio postcard about the Tahoe festival experience.