Insight: Royal Baby / Florida Boycott? / Yosemite's Amenities / Del Jack / Sacramento's Last Record Store / State Fair Sounds

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Baby watch begins as Kate Middleton goes into labor; A California lawmaker proposes boycotting Florida; A plan that could end many of Yosemite's amenities; Young adult author Del Jack; Sacramento's last record store; A state fair audio postcard.
Royal Baby The whole world is watching as Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, prepares to deliver a child who could one day sit on the British throne. Middleton was admitted to the hospital in labor this morning and will most likely give birth today.  We’re joined by Susan Skinner, a Sacramento woman who worked with Princess Diana, to talk about the impact of the new royal baby.
Florida Boycott The California Legislative Black Caucus and a state lawmaker are calling for a boycott of Florida to protest the not-guilty verdict of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.  Assemblymember Chris Holden (D-Pasadena) is drafting a joint resolution on behalf of the CLBC encouraging all organizations, businesses, and families who would normally do business with or travel to Florida to reconsider their choice of the Sunshine State.  Holden and the CLBC are hoping the resolution will help put an end to stand-your-ground laws in states like Florida where Martin was shot.
Merced River Plan As the National Park Service becomes more environmentally concerned, incentives to protect the Merced River may strip annual tourists of the option to bike, horse-back ride or ice skate near its banks. Kathleen Morse, Director of Planning at Yosemite will kick off the conversation by telling us about the status of the proposed plan and its expected outcomes.
Del Jack Creator of the "Two Bad Boys" young adult series, former English teacher and current author Del Jack talks about his new installment to the "Two Bad Boys" series and his recent appearance at the Left Coast Writers' Convention.
Sacramento's Last Record Store  Record store owner Marty DeAnda explains how he’s staying afloat as other record stores in Sacramento go under.
State Fair Audio Postcard The 160th California State Fair is a melting pot of the state’s people and culture.  Insight producers Jamie Slater, Ellen Mooneyham, Shauna Milesi and Elena Applebaum recently spent some time collecting the sounds of the state fair and have assembled this audio postcard.