Insight: Private Gun Sales in Nevada / Water Shortage? / "Lost Restaurants of Sacramento" / Elaine Eats / Brass Bed

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Private gun sale to mentally ill man raises concerns in Nevada. What a possible water shortage mean for NorCal. Siblings release new book about some of Sac's former restaurants. Elaine Corn makes cucumbers a star. Band performs in our studio.
Private Gun Sales in Nevada The debate on stricter gun regulations in Nevada has gained momentum in the past few days as news of an on-duty Reno police officer selling a gun to a mentally ill 19-year-old surfaced. The state doesn’t require background checks in private-party gun deals, however Democrats in Nevada tried to pass a bill in this year’s legislative session that would have changed that. Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval vetoed the bill. Martha Bellisle from the Reno Gazette-Journal, who broke the story, tells us what's going on with this story.
Water Shortage? California has just experienced one of the driest springs in nearly a century and water storage levels are dropping as the hot summer plods on. We'll talk today with the president of Northern California Water Association, David Guy, about how a State Water Resources Control Board "Notice of Water Shortage for 2013" will affect agriculture in the Sacramento Region. Plus, Sacramento County Supervisors are on the verge of increasing water rates for 50,000 users. Capital Public Radio’s Sacramento Region Reporter Bob Moffitt updates us on the rate increases and Sacramento’s renovating of a water treatment plant.
"Lost Restaurants of Sacramento" Sacramento natives Maryellen Burns and Keith Burns look into the many dining trends that have swept through California’s capital city during the past 150 years. They’ve chronicled what they discovered in a new book, "Lost Restaurants of Sacramento." The book contains anecdotes from restaurant owners, employees and patrons and recipes from some of Sacramento’s favorite places to eat, including the Saddle Rock, Hong Kong Café and Stan’s Drive-In. The Burns’ will be at Time Tested Books tonight, but this morning they join us in studio to talk about their favorite "lost" eats.
Elaine Eats Cucumbers of all kinds are everywhere right now. Overflowing our gardens, farmers' markets and grocery stores, you'll easily find Japanese, variegated, scalloped, Armenia and regular old cucumbers. Most of us just slice them into salad, but why not make cucumbers the dish itself? Today on Insight, Elaine Corn tells us how to make two simple side dishes with summer's cool cucumbers as the star.
Brass Bed Louisiana-based quartet Brass Bed is touring in support of their new album, "The Secret Will Keep You," and they’ll be in Sacramento and Davis today and tomorrow. The band stops by our studio to talk about the new songs and we’ll hear them perform.