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Update on parking meter problems in Reno and Stockton's current political strife. How to deal with potentially harmful parasites in kitty poop. Author Alex Espinoza releases second novel. Bacon and beer takes center stage in Sac this weekend.
News Network Visitors to Downtown Reno have been getting a special welcome to the Nevada city - free parking. Today on News Network, Sierra Reporter Ky Plaskon tells us about Reno's troubled transition from coin-operated parking meters to electric ones. We'll also hear the latest on the City of Stockton's current political strife. Stockton Record Columnist Michael Fitzgerald lays out three potential options for Stockton's embattled mayor.
Parasites in Cat Feces A recent study published in "Trends of Parasitology" discussed how many individuals may be unknowingly exposing themselves to a severely harmful parasite by simply owning a cat. This study illustrated that a small portion of the 1.2 million metric tons of cat feces that is produced each year by feral and household cats contains a dormant parasite called Toxoplasma gondii, which can cause serious birth defects, including deafness and mental retardation. Patricia Conrad, a professor of parasitology at UC Davis' School of Veterinary Medicine, tells us her take on this topic and what actions she feels should be taken to protect humans from this potentially harmful parasite.
"The Five Acts of Diego Leon" Author Alex Espinoza joins us in-studio fresh from this year's Squaw Valley Community of Writers to speak about his experiences there as well as his recent novel, "The Five Acts of Diego Leon," a novel that delves into the mystique of old Hollywood.
Beer & Bacon Sacramento may have been designated the "Farm to Fork" capitol by Mayor Kevin Johnson, but it's quickly turning into the city of bacon. Following the success of January's Bacon Fest, organizers have come back with a new event - BLT Week - which culminates with a Beer & Bacon Block Party this Saturday. We'll talk about the city's love of beer and bacon with Rob Archie, owner of Pangaea Two Brews Cafe; Kelly Hogge, chef at Magpie and Triple Crown Winner at Bacon Fest; and local brewer Peter Hoey.