Insight: Napolitano's Education Priorities / The Sirolli Institute / Delta Smelt / Nicolas' Garden Update

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A look at Janet Napolitano's education priorities while Governor of Arizonia. Sacramento resident is "doctor for entrepreneurs." Amy Quinton updates us on the plight of the Delta Smelt. Young healthy eating app developer meets President Obama
Napolitano Education Priorities The Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, is stepping down from her role fighting terrorism and managing disaster response to head the University of California system. Early reaction is mixed over the decision to hire Napolitano to run one of the nation’s largest public university system. Some people welcome her clout as a known figure while others question her commitment to academics. We'll speak with Peter Likins, who was President of the University of Arizona (1997 to 2006) while Napolitano was governor of that state, to hear about how she prioritized education during that time, and Henry Reichman, First Vice President of hte American Association of University Professors.
The Sirolli Institute Dr. Ernesto Sirolli has been helping entrepreneurs find their way since the early 1970s. He recently went viral with a TED Talk titled, "Want to Help Someone, Shut Up and Listen." Sirolli teaches and lectures all over the world and his second book was published this past spring. We'll talk with the Sacramento resident about his three-point foundation for a successful business.
Delta Smelt Capital Public Radio Environmental Reporter Amy Quinton recently spent three days touring the Delta and learning about the ecology there. One of the stores that intrigued her was the journey of the Delta Smelt. The tiny fish have been at the forefront of the water battle happening in the Delta and Quinton decided to trace the life cycle of this fish. She joins us with some of the story.
Nicolas' Garden Update Eight-year-old Sacramentan Nicolas Come has parlayed his iPhone app designed for healthy eating into a meeting with president Obama. Come didn’t win First Lady Michelle Obama’s "Healthy Lunchtime Challenge" recipe contest this year but managed to make it to the "Kid’s State Dinner" at the White House Tuesday, July 9 by covering it as a "Farm-to-Fork Kids' Correspondent." Come got a quote of the president saying his favorite food is "broccoli" –which made national news- and got a picture of himself in Obama’s facebook feed with the caption "Getting the Scoop." Come joins us to talk about his trip to the White House and his ambitions to win the recipe contest next year.