Insight: CalPERS Pension Info Online / Emergency Drill / Kushman by the Bottle / Valerie V

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CalPERS plans to put previously private information online and retirees are upset about it. How do different regional agencies work together on disasters? How summer heat affects the taste of wine. Sac vocalist perform at Second Saturday.
CalPERS Pension Info Online CalPERS announced Monday its plans to release the database of previously private information of its retirees, such as their names, employment dates, and the amount of their pensions. CalPERS claims it’s a way to improve transparency in the pension system, but retirees are upset about the invasion into their privacy. Tim Behrens from the California State Retirees and Robert Glazier of CalPERS join us today to discuss the upcoming changes and the possible repercussions.
Emergency Drill When disasters happen, a community's ability to respond can make all the difference for victims. The quick response from emergency services at the San Francisco Airport this past weekend when a plane crash landed is credited with keeping the causality count low. As it turns out, airport officials and emergency responders are constantly training for different disasters and one such drill happened yesterday at Sacramento International Airport. Reporter Bob Moffitt was there and he joins us to talk about what he saw.
Kushman by the Bottle In this month's Kushman by the Bottle, we’re stepping out of the nice cool wine cellar to see how summer heat affects the taste and production of wine grapes.  Our resident wine expert and occasional guest host Rick Kushman joins us with more on this and some advice on protecting your expensive vintages from a heat wave.
Valerie V Sacramento vocalist Valerie V began her music career at the age of 49 and subsequently started her life "in reverse," as she says, releasing albums and meeting celebrities and generally adjusting to a new life in the spotlight. In the 12 years since then, she has focused on her jazz and has moved into being a promoter and booking agent, including for Grammy award-winning Mary Youngblood. Today, she takes a break from her busy schedule to join us in studio before performing at Second Saturday this weekend.