Insight: Dixon Film Studio / Streambed on Mars / Alternative Ed: Summer Learning / Nurture in Nature

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Sac Bee investigates woman behind a major Dixon project. Dawn Sumner updates us on Curiousity's latest discovery. Sac City Unified commended for combating "summer learning loss." Nutritionist Anasuya Basil leads women's retreat.
Dixon Film Studio The Sacramento Bee has recently published an investigation into the woman planning to bring a massive film studio to the small farming town of Dixon. The investigation calls into question Carrisa Carpenter's past, which is riddled checkered with debts and questionable business choices. The Sacramento Bee’s Senior Writer Sam Stanton tells us about the story and why they decided to investigae Carpenter.
Streambed on Mars NASA scientists have found evidence that a stream once flowed on Mars. The rounded pebbles the scientists found on Mars’ surface reveal traces of a planet once covered in flowing water. Joining us to explain the discovery is UC Davis Geology Professor Dawn Sumner, who is also a co-investigator for NASA's Mars Science Laboratory team.
Alternative Ed: Summer Learning As school let out for summer recess and students go their different ways, there’s one thing many of them won’t be doing - learning. Well, not in the traditional sense of the word. Sacramento Unified School District has recently been commended by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson, for its educational program designed to combat "summer learning loss." Today, we'll take a look at Sac City Unified’s battle against the learning doldrums of summer.
Nurture in Nature The busyness and chaos of everyday life often leads to stress that is managed in unhealthy ways, if at all. The "Nurture in Nature" women's retreat this weekend in Chico Creek Canyon is nutritionist and bodyworker Anasuya Basil'splan to help women minimize this stress and focus on wellness instead. The retreat, which Anasuya and psychotherapist Suzanne Lorenz will be co-leading, promises to engage women in de-stressing nature and creativity exercises. Anasuya is here with us to talk about her holistic philosophy and her upcoming retreat.