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Today on Insight, we take a look at recent court decisions relating to campaign finance restrictions. On News Network, Jeff Hudson has more on what to expect on UC Davis' Picnic Day. Plus, more on "Critical Hit: An All-Geek Comedy Show."


Campaign Finance The US Supreme Court handed down another decision striking down campaign finance restrictions based on a Free Speech doctrine relating to the Citizens United decision in 2010. We will talk with McGeorge School of Law professor Mary-Beth Moylan about what the McCutcheon v. FEC decision means for election and campaign finance laws across the US and in California. We will also get a little background on the concept of money-as-speech, first defined in the 1978 Buckley v. Valeo case.

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News Network Don’t let the name fool you, UC Davis’ Picnic Day is anything but a quaint little university gathering. It’s an all-out campus open-house featuring numerous events and a highly-revered parade. The event has been known to get out of hand in the past and law enforcement is hoping to curb raucous crowds with strict alcohol bans on campus for this year’s 100th annual Picnic Day. Davis Enterprise Reporter Jeff Hudson joins us for this week’s News Network to talk about Picnic Day and other news in Davis.

"Critical Hit: An All-Geek Comedy Show" We’re going to meet with the creative team behind “Critical Hit: An All-Geek Comedy Show” about the big changes to this year’s show. This year, the show is designed like a choose your own adventure story with six possible outcomes. We will talk with the creative forces Nick and Micaela Pettigrew about creating the show and updating it for 2014 with animation and video for a full multimedia experience. 

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