Insight: Spring Storms and El Nino / Dealing with Child Grief / Flying Monkey Productions / Austin Kleon

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio
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A climatologist from the Desert Research Institute explains how El Niño rains could make up for one of California’s driest winters. Author Austin Kleon explains how to get your work get noticed, heard and read. And, songs from an original musical.


El Niño? - We will talk with Dr. Kelly Redmond about what the recent March storms mean for our drought and how they factor into our water budget. 



Child Grief Dinner table conversations about death and loss are often prompted by news events – the Washington mudslide or the disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370 are examples – but every family experiences grief at some point, in some way, and we wonder about the “right way” to handle it. Today we talk with Teri Collet, Clinical Supervisor with Community Hospice Social Services in Modesto, which is a grief counseling program for kids. It's expanding due to a new grant and we'll find out how it helps children cope with grief.

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Generation ME - A local group, Flying Monkey Productions, is putting on a new musical “Generation ME” created by local young artists Julie Soto, Will Finan, and Ryan Warren. We will talk with the creators of the show about putting together an original musical dealing with teen suicide and their plans to take it to Hollywood and New York.




Show Your Work! Admit it, deep down inside, most of us have secret aspirations to turn our hobbies – whether it be writing, singing, painting, cooking etc. – into a full-time, paying gig. But how do you go about making it happen? Author Austin Kleon offers 10 easy tips on how to parlay your creativity into a career and he’ll be speaking on the topic today at the Sacramento Public Library. We’ll talk with him about his latest book, “Show Your Work! 10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered.”