Insight: Health Insurance Cancellations / Kings Opener / Pet Costumes / Spooky Sound Advice

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On Insight we're exploring the cancelling of tens of thousands of private insurance plans for Californians. We’ll also recap the Kings opener, talk about Halloween costumes for pets and take in some haunting music for Sound Advice.
Insurance Cancellations As Obamacare continues to take shape it’s starting to upset the status quo. Insurance companies are cancelling policies for self-insured Californians whose plans don’t meet the Affordable Care Act standards, and Representative Ami Bera (D-CA) has introduced legislation to postpone a new sales tax designed to help pay for the ACA. But how much of this was to be expected, and how much is merely political?  To get to the bottom of these questions we’re speaking with Director of the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research Gerald Kominski.
Kings Opener After almost losing the team Sacramento showed up in full purple-force for the Kings' opening game last night. We'll talk with The Sacramento Bee's Marcos Breton about the game and some of the changes implemented by the new owners.
Kings _pin
Beth Ruyak sported two Kings' lapel pins, one from the first game in 1985 and from this season, a season we weren't sure would ever happen.
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Pet Tales Pet expert Gina Spadafori joins us for this month’s Pet Tales to explain the effect of chocolate on dogs, current trends in pets costumes and give us an update on the status of the Sacramento County Animal Shelter.
Sound Advice Jonathan Carabba, co-founder of Submerge Magazine, a Sacramento-based arts and entertainment publication, joins us with spooky music from bands featured in the recent issue for this week’s Sound Advice. This week we'll listen to up and coming Sacramento natives Cove and Kuroi Ledge, as well as The Meat Puppets and Misfits.