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Here! Now! In the moment! Paddling in the middle of a fast moving stream of news and information. Here & Now is Public Radio’s daily news magazine, bringing you the news that breaks after Morning Edition and before All Things Considered.

10 a.m.  Monday - Friday

A gifted journalist, Robin Young is a superb interviewer and versatile host who can go deep on the Syria crisis and then pivot to heartfelt, probing human interviews. She’s a Peabody Award-winning documentary filmmaker, and has been at the helm of Here & Now for a decade. Co-host Jeremy Hobson joins Here & Now from his role hosting the Marketplace Morning Report. Adept at taking complex news and making it comprehensible and engaging for listeners, Jeremy will be an equal partner with Robin Young, bringing his trademark candor and energy to the program.

Here & Now is a co-production between NPR and WBUR.

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