California Condom Bill May Be Resurrected

Katie Orr, Capital Public Radio
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A headline-grabbing bill may be resurrected in the California Legislature.

Democratic Assemblyman Isadore Hall said he’ll try to revive his bill that would require condoms be used in adult films, after a judge ruled a similar law in Los Angeles County is constitutional. The adult film industry had challenged LA County’s law saying it infringed on the first amendment.

Hall said adult film workers are employees just like actors on any other movie set.

“You can’t have an individual in a gun scene shoot a real gun and call it a first amendment right to do so,” he said. “We’re required to give them a certain level of protections.”

Hall said his bill had stalled because of questions over its constitutionality, which he says the Los Angeles court ruling resolves.

But the adult film industry will continue to fight. Lobbyist Diane Duke said the business is already overregulated and actors are tested multiple times.

“We’re the professionals that understand what happens on a set,” she said. “Isadore Hall has never even been on a set.”

Hall said 90 percent of the adult film industry is located in California, which generates thousands of jobs and millions of dollars for the state.  

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